Now It’s YOUR Turn To Live A Life Free From The Horrific Emotional Suffering Of Abuse

Let Me Show You How I Escaped The Feelings Of
Fear, Anger And Shame So You Can Do The Same.

Dear Friend,

The way you’re feeling right now that probably sounds like an impossible dream doesn’t it?

Low self esteemFlashbacks, low self-esteem, panic attacks, and anxiety become your own living hell when you’ve suffered at the hands of an abuser.

Even years after you’ve escaped, the aftershocks can be felt each and every day…

But in a few moments I’m going to tell you about the technique which helped me let go of my painful emotions and experiences…

It’s the exact technique which helped me transform myself from a broken quivering wreck, to the “joyous soul” you see before you…

But before that, let me tell you how I got to today…

When people look at me they see a successful business woman, in a great marriage, with a confident daughter, all living in a nice home. I’m living the life I dreamt of. They see a happy person.

But being a happy person is at odds with everything they’ve been told about how someone who’s been through what I’ve been through "should" be like.

Apparently I should be filled with neuroses, phobias and panic attacks. I shouldn’t be able to experience intimacy, let alone sustain a happy relationship or experience a satisfying sex life.

I shouldn’t be able to hold down a job, let alone run a multi-six figure business. People find it astonishing I’m living the life of my dreams and loving every minute.

But it hasn’t always been like that…

Abuse Ruined Everything For Me

I had a great start in life...

Young LisaI grew up with my parents in Australia, and all I knew was hot, sunny Christmases, sandy beaches, and freedom.

Being a huge music fan, when I hit 12 years old I started taking private guitar lessons with my school music teacher. I always did well in his classes and my parents liked him so it seemed the perfect arrangement.

But over the months and years that followed he began taking control of my psyche. He started controlling my actions and emotions without me knowing it.

Before long I’d neglected my friends, my school work, and my family.

He was the centre of my world…

He made sure of it!

I was just 13 the first time he tried to have penetrative sex with me and 14 when he first succeeded.

He abducted me aged 15 and I was kept as a virtual house prisoner until I escaped aged 20.

Over those five years, until I escaped, I experienced the systematic torture and destruction of my psyche. I became a slave to his happiness and his misery.

I ceased to exist as a person. I had no desires of my own, no interests, no hobbies, and no sense of self. Over the years it had been eroded. I was left with nothing. Even years after the abuse was over my life wasn’t my own.

Every day became a battle. I wasn’t living. I was surviving; Sad and lonely with nothing but memories of my nightmare.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

You see…

It doesn’t matter what kind of abuse you suffer, the devastating results are still the same. Whether it’s a relative, partner or teacher, abuse leaves mental and emotional scars which are very hard to heal.

But I need you to know something important…

There’s a Dangerous Myth Which Will Ruin Your Chances Of Recovery

StuckSociety and the media have created a ridiculous myth that it’s impossible to recover from your past.

People will say you’ll never shake the feelings and emotions about your experience, or that trust will always be an issue.

I’m here to tell you as someone who has beaten abuse; YOU absolutely CAN recover completely, no matter how long you’ve suffered.

Let me show you how I turned my life around so YOU can too.

"Recover From Abuse" Is So Powerful 95% Of My Clients Have Made A Complete Recovery

I grew so tired of seeing so many Women like you struggling; I knew I had to do something.

Women needed to hear that recovery from abuse isn’t just possible, but probable with the right help and guidance.

And so the "Recover From Abuse" Home Study Course was born.

I created the course to teach the "Psycademy Emotional Release Process."

Lisa working with a clientIt’s a process which actually rewires your neurology so the abuse no longer troubles you. Think of it like a road being blocked. All the negative feelings and emotions no longer run through your neurology.

So far the results have been incredible...

A massive 95% of Women who have used this course now live happy healthy lives, full of confidence, self-esteem and inner peace.

Right now you may be thinking…

"I’ve tried courses and therapies in the past, and nothing has worked!"

It’s OK to be sceptical…

After all, people tell you all the time recovery isn’t possible, and you don’t want to relive your experiences over and over.


"Recover From Abuse" is unlike any other course or therapy available.  Here’s why…

You Can Recover Without Reliving Your Hell

Dr Lisa TurnerMost other courses make you relive events one at a time so you can release them. The anxiety of going through the horrors all over again is the last thing you want to do.

"Recover From Abuse" lets you release your feelings without reliving your experiences, OR delving into your story.

So what’s actually involved?

"Recover From Abuse" is a home study course so you can go completely at your own pace. There’s no pressure and no deadlines. And there’s another major advantage to studying from home…

If you’re still living in an abusive relationship, finding reasons to get out can be difficult. This way you won’t have to make up excuses, and you can study whenever you feel safe and able.


Here’s some of the results you can expect:

  • Become fully present in your body 
  • Increase self esteem 
  • Boost confidence
  • Become joyful and happy
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve your relationships, including the one with yourself
  • Stay positive and resilient, no matter what life throws at you

Here’s just some of what you’ll discover in this program...

How to protect yourself from the bullies… these techniques show you how to stand up for yourself against anyone, whether it’s your boss, friends, or even family.
How to improve your present and future relationships… you’ll learn how to enjoy close, joyful, and fulfilling relationships even if you’ve stopped trusting people.
The tell-tale signs you’re suffering a setback… and a simple technique for quickly getting back on track.
Easy ways to regain your self-confidence and self-worth… you’ll uncover the reasons you DO deserve to be happy.
Why positive thinking won’t help you… and the dangerous reasons it can actually make things worse for you.
Do small problems send you into an emotional spiral? THIS effective method will stop it happening ever again.
The 3 things people do wrong when trying to release emotions… and how you can avoid them.
A special 6 step process to help you recover quickly from any small emotional blips.
And much much more...

How’s The Course Delivered?

"Recover From Abuse" is a digital course you can download instantly. The minute you register, you can log into the members area and start working your way through the material.

Start "Recover From Abuse" Today And You’ll Receive…


The 62-Page Workbook

The "Higher Self Therapy" workbook guides you through all the steps of this simple-to-do, highly effective process for releasing painful negative emotions - anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt.

You can download the workbook as soon as you register and work through it entirely at your own pace.

The process also releases limiting beliefs and includes an additional process to remove attachments to other people and things, called Ho'o Pono Pono.

The workbook explains the process and gives you exercises which are essential for you to get the most out of the program.

Audio recordings

Over 7 Hours of Video & Audio Recordings

Once you register your place, the full MP3 recordings of the Emotional Release process are instantly downloadable, so you can listen to them straight away.

Then keep listening at any time you like as you progress through the "Recover From Abuse" program.

These four audio recordings guide you every step of the way as you work through the emotional release exercises. You'll also learn:

  • The signs that your relationship is abusive (note: it’s usually not obvious at all)
  • The hidden undercurrent that’s really guiding your relationship and how to know if you’re headed for rocky ground or whether it’s going to get better.
  • Why you have the same bad relationship with different people and how to change that.
  • The 3 deadly words that show you’re lying to yourself and mean you’ll never recover. I’ll tell you what these are and what to replace them with so that you can really can move forward.
  • The 5 steps you need to take to completely change your current relationship or heal your past one(s).
Integrity of Energy

The Whole Process on MP4

The "Integrity of Energy" Video contains a full FOUR HOURS of material, including the Proven STEP-BY-STEP formula for releasing emotional trauma, energy blocks and limitations FOR GOOD.

It's no secret that negative emotions  lower your vibration. And if you’ve tried “staying positive” when painful experiences from the past still haunt you, you’ll know it just doesn’t work.

Using this video you will be guided through the Psycademy Emotional Release Technique (Higher Self Therapy)

  • The most powerful emotional release technique on the planet. Removes inner pain, for good. You won’t just 'feel a bit better' or 'work through them' or 'understand them'... your negative emotions, pain and trauma will be gone, gone, GONE!
  • Understand exactly why numbing-out was necessary and how you can safely increase awareness of your inner pain. You will go at your pace, and only to the level you feel comfortable.
  • Learn how your mind creates your reality and how to generate an invincible inner mindset.
  • Identify and remove negative programming and limiting beliefs like "I’m not good enough" or "I’m not worthy" or "I can’t…"
  • Restores you to wholeness again. Integrate all the fragmented bits of yourself.
  • Raises your vibration and allows you to achieve mastery.

Live teleseminars

6 Weeks In Spiritual Success Mastermind

For 6 weeks, my team and I get on LIVE coaching calls where we zero in on the biggest challenges you’re facing along your path to recovery and spiritual awakening. We’ll take questions and address them to the group, so that everyone can benefit from the answers.

But don’t worry – I don’t let negative people participate (or join my programmes, for that matter), so this is a 100% positive, nurturing environment where every single person is vested in your success. So please don’t ever feel embarrassed to ask a question during one of the coaching calls. Promise? Good.

Private forum

Group Support in Your Own Dedicated Private Facebook Group

You’ll be made to feel welcome and safe to share your experiences and issues. The Spiritual Success Mastermind Facebook Group is constantly monitored by a highly trained expert coach who can answer questions and moderate the forum so you can rest assured that it’s a safe place.

Now I know I’ve said it before, but I’m going to say it again because it’s so important…

You deserve to recoverYou can and DESERVE to recover from abuse!

I’m a walking testament it can be done, and so are my clients.

Some have come to see me with flashbacks, panic attacks, and some have even called me with agoraphobia. These are women who now have happy families, run successful businesses, and barely ever think of the dark days they left behind.

They’ve completely transformed their life, and now you have the chance to do it too.

You’re a strong, beautiful woman (we all are!) and you deserve to live free from pain.

One of the lasting side-effects of abuse is a feeling of worthlessness… A feeling you somehow don’t deserve to be happy…

I’m telling you right now…

You deserve this more than anything else in the world, and I’m truly committed helping you become the woman you were born to be.

"Can I Really Afford This?"

Before I tell you how much you have to invest in the course, let me ask you a question…

BullyingHow much would you be willing to pay if you could wake up in the morning free from abuse?

What price can you put on your happiness?

Being free of anxiety, fear, pain, and low self-esteem is priceless.

I want you to have that gift, so I’ve made sure "Recover From Abuse" is affordable for everyone who needs it.

You can receive instant access to the course for a one-off payment of just £147.

Or if it's easier, you can still download the course instantly, but spread the cost over 3 monthly payments of £59.

All of my other programs sell for at least double this price - most of them for between 4 and 10 times as much. But I’m offering you this for so little because I want you to have access to this amazing system.

The super low price is available during this introductory period only. The price will go up before long. So I recommend you get it now while it’s so affordable. And after all... why would you want to wait to get your hands on this life-changing material anyway?!

Limited Spaces Available

To make sure you get my team’s full attention we can only take up to 50 people on the course at a time.

Once those spaces are taken we can put you on a waiting list ready for the next one…

…But if you want to secure your place this time around you’ll need to move quickly.

Just register below to get started, and within minutes you’ll be able to start your road to recovery.


Start "Recover From Abuse" Today And You’ll Also Receive These Extra Bonuses…

Bonus Recordings of Past Seminars

Here's just a tiny taster of what's included:

Emotional Resilience

  • How to use your emotions to harness success
  • The link between emotions and karma

How To Find Your Soulmate

  • Why people have the same bad relationship with different people
  • The 3 things you need to keep your love alive

Love, What Is It Really?

  • Understanding the true meaning of love
  • Why love hurts, and how to love without pain

The Opportunity to Work One-on-One with Our Expert Coaches

Working "live" with someone can really speed up the healing process.

When you opt for the Premium 1-1 Support Package you receive THREE one-on-one 60 minute calls (via telephone or Skype) with a fully trained, hand-picked Psycademy coach.

With the Premium 1-1 Support Package you also get direct email access to your coach for the period you are working with them so that you can ask questions and get advice "on the fly" as needed.

This means you can get direct and individual support, guidance and advice on exactly how to apply what you're learning on the "Recover From Abuse" program as you progress through it.


My "Liberate Your Life" Promise to You...

Because I’m confident that when you invest in the "Recover From Abuse" course, and when you follow the steps and do the work, you will start noticing changes in your energy, your emotions and your life straight away.

You’re protected by my 6 month "Liberate Your Life" money-back guarantee.

If after 6 months you feel that you are not happy with the materials, you can just let me know. I’ll return your money, less a modest £50 book keeping administrative fee.

Please note: if you choose to take a refund you will be required to confirm that you have deleted all digital course materials before the refund can be issued.


Now you have an important decision to make

Will you keep on struggling trying to manage and handle your emotional pain? Going from challenge to challenge and problem to problem with nothing to show for it?

Or will you take action to heal your past, and recover from abuse?

Remember, you may have been brainwashed by the media’s myth that you’ll never recover.

If you don’t make a decision, nothing will change. And that’s exactly what you may have been brainwashed into believing.

However if you choose to join us now you can heal, everything can change, and anything is possible.

Don't give up on your dreams of a happy life. Don’t let the lies you’ve been told short change yourself.

It all comes down to whether you want it bad enough...

Click below for instant access to the course, and I can’t wait to come on this exciting journey with you.


YES Lisa,
I'm ready to claim my place on the "Recover From Abuse"
Support Program
There are two options to join:

Option #1 - The "Recover From Abuse"
Home Study & Group Support Package

The Group Support Package includes:

The Higher Self Therapy Workbook. 62 pages leading you through all the steps of the simple-to-do and highly effective process for releasing painful negative emotions - anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt.
Full MP3 Recordings of the Emotional Release Process to guide you every step of the way as you work through the emotional release exercises.
The "Integrity of Energy" MP4 containing a full FOUR HOURS of material, including the proven ste-by-step formula for releasing emotional trauma, energy blocks and limitations FOR GOOD.
6 Weeks in Spiritual Success Mastermind. Where you can get your questions answered as well as receiving and offering support. There will be lots of really useful on-the-spot information too.
Group Support in Your Own Dedicated Private Facebook Group - a completely safe place where you can connect with your fellow participants (including Lisa and the Psycademy coaches) to ask questions, share resources and get support..
PLUS this special BONUS:
Recordings of 3 Past Seminars covering the topics of Emotional Resilience, How To Find Your Soulmate, Love, What Is It Really?

You can make one payment of just £147 GBP (approx US$225)

Or pay in 3 monthly instalments of £59 GBP (approx US$89)

Option #2 - The "Recover From Abuse"
Home Study & Premium 1-1 Support Package

If you want some one-on-one expert support to guide you through this journey and answer your specific questions then this is the option for you.

The Premium 1-1 Support Package includes:

Everything in the 'Group Support' option above PLUS
3 one-on-one 60 minute calls (via telephone or Skype) with a fully trained, hand-picked Psycademy coach. This gives you direct and individual support, guidance and advice on exactly how to apply what you're learning on the "Recover From Abuse" program as you progress through it.
Direct email access to your coach for the period you are working with them so you can ask questions and get advice "on the fly" as needed.

You can make one payment of just £1,125 GBP (approx US$1,422)

Or pay in 4 monthly instalments of £335 GBP (approx US$423)

Rest easy – your order will be processed on our secure servers.

Secure payment processing

Note: By purchasing this program you are agreeing to be bound by the
Psycademy terms & conditions


As this page ends...

Imagine being free from the pain of the past - living a happy, healthy life, full of confidence, self-esteem and inner peace. It’s time to live the life you truly deserve and I can’t wait to see you on the inside. Register now.


To your emotional freedom,

Dr Lisa Turner


Here are some of the reactions from Lisa's work...


“Psycademy gave me a way and the knowledge to do all this.”

Jodie"I had challenges around all relationships. I grew up in an environment that lacked the emotional nourishment I needed.Mum and I only bonded in later life and the relationship with Dad plagued my very existence.

recently I was brave enough to invite those extreme emotions of hurt up to the surface to feel fully rather than fighting to suppress them. I only knew how to hold them at bay before. Always in the background these emotions never rested, but silently and consistently intruded as my life continued on. Suppression actually had become a natural reaction so it took real effort to fully feel and RELEASE them.

My whole identity has been built around the anxiety of my early experiences of those primary relationships.I saw my Dad as being a rout cause of anxiety and deception. I needed to let go of the hurt/guilt/blame/insecurity I had been subconsciously holding onto but couldn’t all these years.

I always faced the challenges social anxiety presented me with, I just never felt comfortable, always awkward, and always trying to ‘act’ calm and normal, while inside, literally feeling like I am fearing for my life. Working with Lisa’s models really aided my healing, and at such a fast pace. For my whole life, social interactions have been an unavoidable endurance ... always fighting an inner battle, feeling consumed with inner terminal .

Now is a different story. I ENJOY social interactions!! I am excited for life, not hiding from it. It feels amazing!! Now I have learnt how to receive love and give love through communication. My parents did not teach me this because they did not know it themselves. Psycademy taught me to TRUST and to open my heart. Everyone who knows me well has noticed and commented on the difference. I am still me, just much MORE me!! This is what is possible . You can heal ??? Thank you Lisa so much and, Thank you Psycademy team."

Jodie Liggett

“It was like having heavy chains cut from me”

Kim Austin"Following the abuse mentally, physically and sexually from my ex boyfriend when I was 18 I was very emotional because the experience was so raw. Years on it still felt fresh and I had the memories and flashbacks so I became nervous and lacking in confidence. As the years progressed my confidence got worse and worse.

Now I realise that yes the memories are there but do I still need to tell myself I was abused? No! The abuse is no longer a problem! I suddenly felt free! It was like having heavy chains cut from me. It was the most amazing realisation that I don't need to "get over" being abused! What freedom! Bingo"

Kim Austin

“A personal transformation and revelation”

Wilma Allan"Working with Lisa is indeed transformational stuff. You will be challenged but never allowed to feel alone, stretched far enough that you must grow, but never so far that you are stretched too far and then cannot grow again.

What began as fulfilling a promise to myself to add new and deeper dimensions to my business... became a personal transformation and revelation beyond any expectations."

Wilma Allan


Penny Power"WOW! WOW. Ok I am a bit of a closed person when it comes to coaching and personal development, it is not that I don't think I need it, not at all, it is just that I have not, until now, met the right person to inspire me to think they could make a difference. We all have baggage, we all have limiting beliefs, how much we recognise them is down to our willingness to let them out!

Lisa is quite a lady! She is intelligent... she applies a logical, non fluffy, view on the science of our minds and the capability we have, in a logical way, to move forward."

Penny Power

“Warmth, humour and total care”

Jackie Walker"Lisa, or should I really say Psycademy as they are synonymous, are the most gentle, provoking depth chargers you will ever find. In a Lisa environment you know that no matter how or who you were when you arrived you won't be the same when you leave and you just won't realise most of the time when the change occurred thanks to her warmth, humour and total care of her students.

Lisa knows without any hesitation of doubt what each and everyone needs... and when to make sure that they 'get it'."

Jackie Walker

“Very calm and safe”

Jo Lunn"Earlier this week I attended Lisa’s personal breakthrough session. It was inspiring, thought provoking and what can be described as getting down to the true nitty-gritty-and-chucking-it-out in a very calm and safe way.

Lisa’s commitment and inspiration to others is superb, and the commitment and inspiration she enables you to find in yourself is outstanding."

Jo Lunn


P.S. Remember there are only 50 spaces on "Recover From Abuse" at a time. Click here to secure your spot so you can get started instantly.

P.P.S. You’re getting full access to over 6 hours of material, along with seminars, supporting resources, and another 8.5 hours of bonus audio material for just £147. You can even spread the cost over 3 payments of £59 to make life easier.

P.P.P.S. Don’t suffer any longer. I’m walking proof recovery from abuse is possible, and this course has a success rate of over 95%. It’s time to live the life you truly deserve. Register now.

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